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Merry Christmas and Happy New Rabbit Year!

Dear friends,

Just like the FIFA World Cup 2022 has come to a legendary ending, we are also finishing 2022 with an unforgettable industry record.

2022 is a year full of surprises and challenges for you, for us, and for the whole world. It is like the nature of football games – all about unpredictability. 2022 brings us difficulties and troubles, yet, it also gave us moments that we overcame obstacles together and survived. We sincerely thank you for your care and ongoing support throughout the past year.

2023 won’t be an easy year and might be more challenging than 2022. We believe, only by being flexible and supporting to each other, we create win-win-win for all. Cheers to an even tricker year to come; We can all make it!

May you, your team, and your families a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Rabbit Year.

p.s. We are having a Lunar New Year break from Jan. 20th to Jan. 29th. HOORAY!

All the best,

T-ONE Team.

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