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2020 T-ONE milestone-2.png

Founded in 2007, T-ONE is soon welcoming our 16th anniversary. We always insist to have products designed IN HOUSE - to bring our T-ONE style in all series; and to have T-ONE products MADE IN TAIWAN – to utilize the surrounding resources we have and the quality we eager for. 

Wishing to be one of the most influential design brands in the bike world, T-ONE holds a strong philosophy in mind - "Creation for solution."

This concept has been shown on all T-ONE product series. We design and make our own, unique T-ONE products that you find nowhere else but here. We do not simply focus on fancy looks, but strive for functional innovations instead; which eventually leads to product improvements and problem solutions. As we believe, "The value of creation comes from its ingenuity".

Here, come explore T-ONE world, find our design soul and experience our Taiwan spirit!





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