PELICAN is a saddle bag featuring a new expanding concept with a slim aerodynamic shape. Real pelicans catch prey with their large throat pouch. Similarly, this saddle bag expands the bottom pouch to swallow more gears. When expanded, it still remains the aerodynamic style. More style, less burden.

Material - 600 Denier Nylon、TPU
Size - 155mm x 75mm x 80mm
Weight - 83g
Capacity - 580ml

1. Expandable Capacity
Pelican has a slim aerodynamic shape before expanded.
When expanded, it provides added room and also remains the style.

2. Universal Velcro Strap
Velcro straps make it easy to install without tools.

3. Large Opening
It provides easy access to gears. The nylon inner pocket prevents snagging.

4. Night Cycling Safety
For additional safety, it has a hanger for mounting a taillight.

Reflective stripe makes you visible at night.